Der Schinder - shortteaser


We are proud to present the first teaser for the Book "Der Scharfrichter"

 Soundtrack by Ingrimm

We Wish you.....




Bass player double feature and changes at Haus 111


Dear friends of medieval metal,

We are happy to announce a special event for October 29th: There will be a concert with TWO bassists at “Haus 111” in Landau.

Our band-mate Mugl, who is going to withdraw from the band step by step until the end of the year for family reasons, will be sharing the stage with no less a man than virtuous bassist Stephan Fimmers. Famous for his incredibly fast fingers, Stephan until recently was a member of the death metal band Necrophagist and in the future will support us with his low tunes. We welcome him warmly and at the same time thank Mugl for the great time we spent together.

Well then, come visit us in Landau and honour them with your presence!

rock on

mehr unter oder



Live Dates Autumn 2016



Dear Friends,

the "summerbreak" is finished. There are several new INGRIMM Live Dates in autumn.

Visit us and let's rock the concerthalls together!

Map of the INGRIMM Livedates


...once more our hardy wasn't able to resist.  He captured his wall calender in the INGRIMM office. Here is the overview to which region the INGRIMM has been already brought.

Start of the Festivalseason 2016


Dear Friends,

The INGRIMM- Festialseason starts in three weeks at the Hexentanz Festival and will lead us through Germany.

Here the INGRIMMATOR Tour venues.

Read more: Start of the Festivalseason 2016