On Tour - act III



 #Munich and #Stuttgart, you are absolutly awesome!!! We enjoyed two great evenings. Now further on with act III with our tour with Krayenzeit (by Extratours Konzertbüro) am
16.05.2019 - Hamburg / Logo
17.05.2019 - Berlin / Musik&Frieden
18.05.2019 - Leipzig / Hellraiser


Preprodution has started


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Cheers Xmas


Xmas 2018


Heavy Christmas!

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Rock on your INGRIMMs


First Dates 2019


Dear Friends,
we have finnished our short summerbreak...and are ver pleased to make a great announcement.
Toghether with our friends from Krayenzeit we will be on tour in spring 2019.

The occasion for the tour is very fortunately. both bands will release ther new album. Krayenzeit will compete withe the CD "Saitentänzer", The new CD from INGRIMM will be called. "Schalk im Nacken".
Take out your calender and save the next dates:

25.04.19 Frankfurt - Nachtleben
26.04.19 Wuppertal - Live Club Barmen
27.04.19 Hannover - LUX
09.05.19 München - Backstage
10.05.19 Nürnberg - Matrixx
11.05.19 Stuttgart - Club Cann
16.05.19 Hamburg - Logo
17.05.19 Berlin - Musik & Frieden
18.05.19 Leipzig - Hellraiser

Tickets sind im Vorverkauf bereits erhältlich unter: http://krayenzeit.extratix.de/

you wants to see us in the year 2018
22.09.2018 Landau - Haus111, Ingrimm & Special Guest: Angry Men
15.12.2018 Wuppertal - Ingrimm