INGRIMM – a synonym of harsh but honest medieval metal

The audience is neither confronted with bombastic songs of courtly love nor with the tenth version of mystic spells: thundering drums, rolling bass and uncompromisingly hard guitar riffs are the foundation for harmonious melodies played with medieval instruments like bagpipes or hurdy-gurdy. This is how the full-blooded musicians from Regensburg manage to pump fresh blood through the veins oft he genre in their energetic performances. Due to their unbroken enjoyment of playing and their technically demanding as well as catchy songs there’s always a wonderful mood in every live performance. The lyrics are sometimes gloomy and serious, sometimes poetic and belong to the middle ages as well as to modern times. Whether you are looking for a happy drinking song, a stamping mid-tempo steam engine, an aggressive headbanger song or an emotional ballad, the musical range of this well-rehearsed but promising formation hardly leaves wishes unfulfilled and blows like a colossal wind through the outmoded halls of the metal scene.

Enjoy yourselves with INGRIMM!




ULI: Uli has been singing in various choirs and ensembles since he was a child. Out of this passion, he completed his training as a “director of popular music with additional pedagogical qualifications” at the “Music College” in Regensburg. Since 2012 he has been working as a freelance music teacher (Music Academy Regensburg, Musikwerkstatt Abensberg) and choir director (“Jazznuts” Regensburg, “Gospel and more” Viehhausen) and works as a voice trainer for rock-pop-jazz and musical singing at Cantemus Regensburg. As a sandpit friend of Alex (drums), the path to Ingrimm was only obvious. 



ALEX:The learned sound technician visited the M. G. I. (Munich guitar institute) and  is a guitar teacher. He is a master on the six and seven string guitar. For INGRIMM he is the arranger and main composer.







HARDY: The multi-tool plays all the historical instruments used by INGRIMM, e. g. hurdy gurdy, bagpipes and flute. Due to his unconventional way of playing he still surprises experienced colleagues by eliciting original metal sounds from his medieval hurdy gurdy. For INGRIMM he is in charge of the melody parts.






Funsl: Alex Finzl started playing the drums 18 years ago and he is now the newest member of the band. At the age of four years he started playing the drum kit and got his first drumsticks. A few years later, he already played in several cover bands, till he realised that he wants more.






Stephan: INGRIMM’s new bassist is not an unknown quantity in the business. He toured the world with Necrophagist, one of the most influential technical death metal bands.
There has been a long-standing connection between him and INGRIMM. In his studio the band’s first three CDs were recorded, and it’s actually Stephan with his bass you can hear on the 2008 album “Todgeweiht”.